Bumps, Dents & Scratches

Bumps, dents and scratches

It happens. We’ve all been there. Even the most careful drivers can have a little bump from time to time, damaging paintwork or causing dents to the panels and body of your car.

In our Huddersfield repair centre, our technicians carry out:


Paintwork repairs

From touch-ups to full resprays, our experienced team will accurately match the colour to the rest of your vehicle. We mix paint colours on site, and our skilled colour matchers use professional-quality paints, which are applied using a spray gun then expertly blended into the rest of your paintwork.

Dents and panel repairs


We remove dents from vehicles where the paint is not damaged using a selection of tools specially designed for paintless dent repair (PDR). If there is damage to the paintwork, and your dent is accompanied by a scratch or scuff, we’ll repair the damage then repaint the area using colour-matched paint.


Alloy wheel Refurbs

Curb damage, scuffs and scratches can look unsightly, we can repair and repaint your alloys to get them looking as good as new. If necessary, we’ll remove any damage, grease and existing paintwork, taking the alloy wheels down to the bare metal to repair them. Then prime and paint your alloys to your specifications or the original manufacturer’s finish. We can also refurbish diamond cut alloys; the process is a little more complex but our skilled technicians carry out all alloy wheel refurbishment to the highest standard.


Visit our bodyshop and our experienced technicians will look over your vehicle, assess the damage and give you an estimate of the cost and time it will take to repair. We wont charge you for the quote and you’re not under any obligation to choose us once we’ve given you your estimate.

Our pricing is competitive, and we always ensure our customers are getting great value for money by supplying the right product at the right price. We’re confident that when you meet our team and see the quality of repair work we carry out in our Huddersfield-based bodyshop, you’ll be happy to leave your car in our hands.


 For more information about how we can help to fix your bump, dent or scratch, speak to our friendly team on reception by calling 01484 900294.