Whether you’re a car enthusiast or looking for something to make your car stand out, our in-house paint experts can work with you to come up with stunning cosmetic modifications to paintwork and alloys.


Colour coding

We can respray a modification project part by part, allowing you to tailor your car colour to your exact specifications. If you’re looking to add a spoiler in a stand-out colour, or change the colour of your wheel arches and trims, we’ll talk through your ideas with you and make sure you get the look you want.


Machine Polish

We carry out professional machine polishing to smooth out any scratches and imperfections in your car’s paintwork. This leaves your vehicle with a fantastic shiny finish, that will bring old or flat paintwork back to life.


Alloy Wheels

Changing the colour of your alloys can really enhance the appearance of your car; switching from a standard silver to a black can create a much sportier look. Our paint technicians can prime and repaint your alloys in a fresh new colour. We can also use diamond cutting techniques to give a truly bespoke finish.




If you’re looking to completely change the colour of your car, our expert technicians can help. We understand the care and attention required for a complete or partial respray; from the preparation work through to the final customised finish. Whether it’s a relatively new vehicle or a classic car, we can remove existing paintwork and any damage, then prime and paint to give you a truly great finish. Our experience and connections in the paint industry means we can even find the original paint for your classic car.





Check out our Gallery pages to see some of the examples of custom resprays and alloy wheels that we’ve done before, you might even find some inspiration! Mike is our in-house expert when it comes to customisation and restoration projects. Give him a call on 01484 900294 to see how we can help.