End of lease refurbishment


End of lease refurbishments


When the lease on your car is coming to an end, or you’re looking to sell your vehicle, you want to make sure it’s looking it’s best. To avoid any unexpected fees from your leasing company, have one of our expert technicians look over your car and we’ll repair any damage before you return it or put it up for sale.

Leasing companies will allow for general wear and tear on your car. If the damage is anything more than this, we recommend getting it repaired before your return the vehicle. Leasing companies generally charge a premium to repair any damage themselves, and we don’t want our customers to pay over the odds!




Before you return your vehicle, we’ll check:


You’ll want to have any damage to the paintwork repaired before you return your car at the end of the lease. Using your car’s colour code, we will colour match exactly to the original manufacturers finish, then machine polish if required. Your paintwork will look just like it did when you drove it off the forecourt.



Any dents will need to be removed before you return your vehicle to the leasing company to avoid high charges from their bodyshop. We carry out paintless dent removal (PDR) for areas where the paintwork is not damaged, or we can repair the dent and respray the paintwork.





Our team can repair or replace your mirrors if there’s a small crack or other damage. Again, this is something that leasing companies will charge a premium for if you wait until you return your car.


Alloy wheels

After a period of time driving your car on the road, you’ll probably see some damage to the surface of your alloys. Our skilled technicians can repair these scratches and chips, to get your alloys looking as good as new.




Our highly-skilled technicians demonstrate excellent attention to detail when it comes to end of lease refurbishment and repairs. Don’t wait until it’s time to return your vehicle; speak to our friendly staff to ensure you’re not charged penalty fees for any damage to your car. We’ll provide a free estimate and you’re not under any obligation to go ahead with the work. Give us a call on 01484 900294 to arrange a quote at our Huddersfield bodyshop today.